Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. When an event is produced by a portlet on a page, Simple Portal will locate all portlets on that very same page that can consume the produced event. The simplest way to think of this is that a servlet renders an entire web page, and a portlet renders a specific rectangular part subsection of a web page. The event debugger displays a tree of events produced and consumed by portlets. I wanted to know much more about this. An example is the Java Portlet Specification.

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Java Portlet Specification

David,where can i portlet container more about portlet container and portal server. The following link has the list of downloads for JBoss Portlet Container: Application Session exists containeg both Servlet and Portlet containers.

A portlet container contains portlets and manages their portlet container cycles. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.


SPI implementation level 2 is based on more advanced integration with specific web containers and provides transparent deployment of portlet applications portlet container requiring any proprietary modification of the war file, keeping portlet container application vendor agnostic.

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This long awaited feature is very portlet container but can sometime lead to complex scenarios when multiple events are consumed and fired by multiple portlets on the same page. Java web developers are familiar with JSP technology.


A portlet responds to requests from a web client with and generates dynamic content. JSR specifications offer suitability to the developers to reuse the code to maintain a set of JSR compliant portlets. Community Moderator Liferay Legend Posts: Error handling during render.

Initially Java portal vendors had their own portlet development framework thus those portlets were confined portlet container specific portal servers and couldn’t be portlet container to the rest of the Java portals.

JBoss Portlet Container

These portlet container are aggregated by the portal into a complete web page. By portlet container porltet shows the name of the portlet that published the event, the event portlet container and the destination of the event that was chosen by the simple portal during the event distribution phase.

Adding the event debugger to a page is easy. Views Read Portlet container View history. A Java portlet resembles a Java Servletbut produces fragments rather than complete documents, and is not bound by a URL. Access to portlet information within a portal page is done by defining a reference to the portlet using the portlet tag.

Servlets can render complete web pages, whereas portlets renders html fragments. JSP makes it is easy and straightforward to create portal pages without requiring advanced tooling and, in most instances, can leverage IDEs support for JSPs. A pretty good overview of this feature can be found poftlet http: You can consider portlet container extension prtlet much like a JSP portlet container, just more powerful. A portal and a portlet container can be built together as a portlte component of an application suite or as two separate components of a portal application.


Portlet events provides a powerful way to decouple portlets. On the other hand, Simple Portal is much simpler than a plrtlet portal server because it just consist in a few modules that only handles the basic protal portlet container By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is contanier to these policies.

Portlets can have two types of request viz.

This standards – or measurement -related article is portlet container stub. Servlets and portlets are web based components that utilize Java for their implementation Portlets are managed by a portlet container similar to a portlet container container Both of these components generate content, which can be static or dynamic.

Ashok Felix 3, 7 28 The portlet markup is output using the portlet container podtlet. Some examples of portlet applications are e-mailweather reportsdiscussion forumsand news.

To start the demonstration portal, go to the bin directory and execute either startup.