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An Easy Newton's Cradle

This is an easy Newton's Cradle. I made it because I thought it would be interesting to make one. It recuires only a circle tube of wood, 4 sections 5 in long, and 2 sections 7 1/2 in long sections. Also you need 2 cardboard sections 4 1/2 in by 10 in, sevral marbles same size, and lots of string. Also you need a small saw, hot glue, and hot glue gun. I hope you like it!

Cut Out the Frame

Cut 4 sections of wood 5 in long. Also cut 2 sections 7 1/2 in long.

the Base

Cut out two sections of cardboard 4 and 1 half in by 8 in and tape them together one on top of the other with duct tape. Drill holes in the ends where the frame will fit in.

Hot Glue the Frame Together

Hot glue the frame together like this hot glue a short piece to each end of the long pieces, and drill holes in the ends of the cardboard, and hot glue the short wood ends into the holes.

Cut 7 8 in pieces of string and label the 4 in mark.

Glue the Marbles

Glue a large marble at the 4 in mark, on each of the strings.

Glue the Strings in Place

Glue those each end of the string to that side of the frame the marble 3 in down and in the center.


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