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Cheap Light Box for Drawing or Inking Or

A light box is a box with a light in it. Pretty simple stuff. I just can't bring myself to pay $50 (on the low end) for one. This one was put together in about 15 minutes and cost less than $15. Lights of America makes a 13" florescent lamp that I bought at Wal*mart for about $8. The box is a Sterilite storage box with a frosted bottom and cost about $4. I like making stuff, but I like drawing more so this is as simple as it gets.

Position Florescent Lamp

Up to 8 of the under-cabinet florescent lamps can be daisy-chained together with a pass through cable that comes included. To keep it cheap, I opted to use a single lamp. Position the unit in the center of the underside of the lid. I super-glued the light fixture to the lid, but you could use tape. Make sure you cut a small notch in the lid to allow the power cord to pass through without interfering with the lid closing.

Final Assembly

Power the lamp on and fasten the box to the lid. I keep the lamp turned on so I don't have to keep opening the box, I just unplug it when I'm done. Thats it.

A few samples of drawings inked using this light box.


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