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DIY Paper Magic Card

As the first instructable in the instructable Page DIY Makers. We have decided to post a project which Includes a Simple Magic which is made by simple things like paper, Hard A4 papers and likewise. So we have decided to post a project called as " DIY Paper Magic Card". You can give this handmade card to your friend as a homemade gift.You can write what ever you want in the paper.

Things Needed+

The things needed for this project are easy find and method also very easy.Here are the things needed for this project.

  1. Hard A4 colour papers.
  2. A glue bottle.
  3. Colour marker pens.
  4. Transparent sheet.
  5. A brush.
  6. A paper cutter.
  7. A white paper.
  8. A pencil.
  9. A ruler.

Fold, Fold and Cut

First of all you have fold the Hard A4 paper as shown and tear it as shown with the help of a ruler. And then you again want to fold it. Then in a side edge of the card you have fold it as shown(REMEMBER TO BEND IN VERY SMALL AS SHOWN).Then fold the card to fix the other end. Then you have to draw(using a pencil) a rectangular shape inside the card by gaping 1cm in all sides as shown. Then cut that rectangular shape using a paper cutter. FOLLOW THE PICTURES.

Take the Shape +

Now take another hard A4 paper and take the shape of the card by keeping the card on the paper and Marking the shape and cut it. And in that paper fold the 2 side edges as shown. And then put that folded paper inside the card and paste the sides of the folded paper to the card using glue as shown. Now paste the upper whole things using a brush( It can be easy if you use a brush) as shown. And then there will be 2 layers as shown in the picture.FOLLOW THE PICTURES.


Now take a white paper and the transparent paper. Then take the shape of the card as we did above. Now cut a small piece of hard paper and fold it and put the white paper and the transparent paper to it and glue it. We use it has a handler for the 2 papers. FOLLOW THE PICTURES.


Now draw what ever you want in the white paper( I make this card to my very little relative brother) and REMEMBER first draw a sketch what you want and then make a outline and colour it( I think its is more effective to use colour Marker pens for colouring but make it do not get teared). Then draw the outline of the figure in the white paper on the transparent. Now its time to put the white and transparent papers inside the card. First insert the white paper to the lower layer and the transparent paper in the upper level of the card. Now pull and push the holder of the 2 papers and see the Magic Trick. Now you can surprise your family members and you can gift is project also as a home made gift.

That's it Now if you have any question regarding his project please feel free to comment below. Vote me if you think that this project is good enough to win a prize and We wish you a good luck on making your own DIY Paper Magic Card


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