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Easiest Free Way to Conver Any Image Into Pixel Art for Perler Bead Projects

In these Instructable I'll show how to change any image into pixels for Perler "Hama" bead project. Either to use as a guide or use underneath you clear peg boards. Completely free. With the used of GIMP.

First you will need to download the program from here:

Now you need to know that the newest version of gimp compared to the original isn't always the easiest to understand and can act stupid when trying to get it to do what you want. * BUT* for the most part it works just like Photoshop so just be very patience with it and play with it to get to know it as much as possible. I've been using it to make background for my self on my PC for a few years now and still get mad at it from time to time.

Once you have GIMP installed and got an image to change. Go to Filters/Blur/Pixelize. That's going to be the second hardest part for you in this istructable. The first being, choosing your image for your project.

Pixel Density

In this image take a look at Pixel width and height. When you change one, the other changes as well. The greater the number, the bigger the pixel and less detail you get in your image. Now i want to remind you. The more active "detailed and vibrant" your image is. The more selection of color beads you'll need and the more complex your over all project will be. But this can also give you alot of detail for larger projects. Like wall art, or other larger then the typical perler creations.


Once you've played with the pixel settings to were your happy, your all done. To save the image you'll need to "Export" NOT SAVE. Don't ask me why you have to do it that way to save an image. I don't get it either. Either print out your guide or if you need a large print for you clear peg boards underneath just go to a print shop if you have the money.

The reason why if made this Instructable is simply cause I've looked all over the net and only found one thing that was made directly for perler bead projects and that's "Bead It" in the Apple App store. And since i use a kindle that doesn't help me. And every other guide i find online isn't much help for a beginner like me that wants to do a perler to make a one of a kinds coffee table top.

Anyway, I hope this helps. I couldn't have made it any simpler! Have fun!


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