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How to Draw

Today's tutorial is how to draw a Lucky Cat. In Japan, you see them in every shop, the reason is to bring good luck to the owner with business, life etc. These cute calicoes have been around since the 1800's and have brought smiles to everyone since. You can purchase a lucky cat anywhere, coming in different sizes and colors. Hopefully you'll enjoy drawing your lucky cat!

The Start- the Head

To start off, draw a head. An oval is a good way to start it. Then, at the top, draw ears! One way to get good ears is to draw triangles. And for the eyes, you can draw a very light "cross' through half the face, both vertically and horizontally as guideline to help you even them out. and after your done with the eyes you can just lightly erase the guidelines.

The Face- Eyes and Nose

Next are the eyes and nose. For the eyes, draw two simple ovals. With the cross you drew, you can have the eyes evenly proportioned.

For the nose, it's pretty simple. Just draw a "Y" between his eyes.

The Paws

For this next step you'll want to draw the paws, the collar, and the "Lucky" coin for the cat.

Along with having the lucky cat in your shop or home, the coin ties into the cat's part in bringing good fortune and wealth. Sometimes pennies and other small coin denominations are left with the Lucky Cat as offerings. This practice is somewhat similar to that of leaving coins in a fountain or wishing well.

The Body- Paws, Lucky Token, Feet, and Belly

For the body, there are a few steps. Add two paws,with the right paw folded over so he can hold his lucky token. To draw the feet, a good way to draw them is to think of orange slices. Then connect the feet with a line to form a belly.

The Final Details

For the final details just draw two lines in the cat's eyes and a little bob tail (the left side is best since the token covers his right side). Now you've finished!

The Coloring

Now that your Lucky Cat is completed, you may color it as you please!


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