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Instructables Robot- Paper Model

Create this cute and easy paper robot. All you need is:

- A printer

- Tape

- Scissors / Craft knife

To get started, download and print out the template for the paper robot. Feel free color your robot or leave it black and white. The choice is yours!

Cut Out the Body

Now you have printed your template, you'll need to cut it out. The grey bits around the edge of the robot's body are the tabs, so don't cut them off! The tabs are needed for the next step.

Fold Body Into a Cube

Fold your robot's body along the dotted folding lines back into a cube. To keep the cube shape in place, tape the grey tabs to side's and bottom of your robot's body.

Cut Out the Arms

Cut around the grey ellipse of your robot's arms. Tape the top of the arms to each side of your robot's body. The results should look like my picture above.

Add the Legs

Cut out the square shape of your robot's legs and then fold along the lines.

Tape the top part of the legs to the bottom part of your robot's body.

Now you're finished!:D


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