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Magic Carpet Journal Covers

From snow sliders to book covers!

Our field studies require keeping records. We needed to make durable, water proof covers for our all-season journals. Magic Carpets are a brand of snow slider that are made of a durable sheet of polyethylene. These come in many colours and go on sale after winter. We have made book and journal coverings using these covers.


  • Magic carpets in different colours.
  • Plastic coils
  • Paper

Cut the Magic Carpets and Paper to Desired Sizes

Select the colours and sizes you want for the journal covers. Measure and cut the magic carpets.

We cut 8 ½ x 11 paper in half to form 5 ½ by 8 ½ journals.

Cut the paper to the size of the journals you are making.

Punch the Edge of the Plastic

Use a coil spiral hole punch to punch both the plastic covers and the paper.

Coil Bind the Journal

Wind the coil onto the journal. Thread and wind the coils onto the journals you have made. Using coil
bindings permits the journal to be folded flat for writing. Different colours can be used to identify different types of journals. Clear tape over a label will keep the label in place in all kinds of weather.


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