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Acorn Candy Dishes

Make acorn candy dishes using recycled cardboard and twigs from your backyard!

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

You'll Need


Craft knife

Cutting mat



Glass dishes

Pinking shears

White glue

Hot glue gun



Brown fabric or faux suede

Create the Lid

Cut about 15 1/2" wide strips of cardboard

Rub them along a table edge to give them a curve

Hot glue the end of a strip to a small twig

Wrap the cardboard around the twig to the end, tape on another piece and continue until you have the lid size that you need.

*Usually about 1/4" larger than the mouth of the glass piece you're pairing it with

Hot glue the end of the last piece on the coil

Paint It

Gently press the center of the coil upward to create a dome

Paint white glue on the inside of the dome/lid to keep it in place

When dry, paint the lid in Burnt Sienna and then dry brush it in a Rich Espresso Dazzling Metallic

Add the Leaves and You're Done!

When dry, cut out fabric leaves with pinking shears and hot glue them to the twig.



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