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DIY Crocodile

Hey! Today I made a Crocodile Kids Bookshelf — Organizer. Kids love animals and they can clean own room with cute goods. Let's make a cute Crocodile Kids Bookshelf:)


▫ cardboard

▫ paper (red and yellow)

▫ acrylic paint (white and black)

▫ glue

▫ brush

▫ paper tape

▫ hot glue gun

▫ scissors

Cut Cardboard

You can see all sizes for all pieces. We need 5 cardboard pieces. If you want to a big box, you can change all sizes. But this sizes is perfect for little bookself:)

Make Perfect All Corners

We want to a perfect bookself. Use a paper tape for all corner. Just tear a little tape and paste all corners. Cut a little line on tape, they'll perfect size for corner.

Let's Make Colorful

Cut the colorful paper same cardboard sizes. I use liguid glue for paste. This is so usefull for cardboard. If you use a liguid glue, you'll need a brush. One side is green and other side'll be red on the 5 pieces. Use green and red paper for it.

Let's Combine All Pieces

I use hot glue gun for this step. Paste all pieces with glue.

And Make Eyes and Lines

Use white and black paints for eyes and some black lines.

And Video Step

You can see al steps on this video.

This is my own video. Please don't forget to like my video:) thanks


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