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Paper Iris Diaphragm

Hello everyone! Lately I discovered the iris diaphragm and got inspired to make my own. So here it is: a simple iris diaphragm out of playing cards! Note that this is my first iris and also my first instructable, so please give feedback! I'd love to hear from you! And also note that the number of wings and size, aperture etc, is optional, but I made eight wings, and therefore eight cards and toothpicks are required.

Parts and Tools Needed

For this project you need: • 8 playing cards • sturdy paper/cardboard • 8 toothpicks • a needle (or anything to make holes in the cardboard) • scissors • hot glue gun (& hot glue) • Templates (I used an online iris calculator)

Getting Started

First of all you need to print some templates. You can find these anywhere online custom made for your iris (mine has eight wigs as referred to in step 1, and I recommend it as it was easy to make.) Then cut the wings (blades) out of playing cards using the template, and two circles of sturdy paper/cardboard and cut them as in the pictures above. This is a good time to power your hot glue gun.

Adding the "Pegs"

Now cut eight toothpicks in half and glue one half toothpick to each wing on the same side and end as seen above. Then glue another on each wing, but on the opposite side and end of the wing as shown. Now for the assembly!


After making sure the holes and slides are big enough for the toothpicks to move in, start placing one side of the pegs on the wings into the holes of the aperture (the circle with holes), with the wings overlapping each other in a circle, as shown. Now put the other circle on top with each of the opposite pegs going into one slide. Now turn the iris upside down and gently turn the two pieces of cardboard against each other. You might want to put it in a circular box and cut the pegs off. I hope you got inspired and/or make this project yourself!


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