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Ro-bo-di-na-tor (robot Style Dodocase, Google Cardboard)

Last tuesday I had the privilege to play with the dodocase (sort of google cardboard) at Fablab Breda (NL).

While we where playing en searching for apps, I found the app " Glitcher VR". The app adds a layer on what the camera sees; for example Color Inverse. One of the 'filters' it has is a filter where we think it seems you look from the inside of an robot (Glitchy VHS Tape) to the outer world! To give that experience more "strength" we decided to give the dodocase a robo-look.

It had to be simple (it had to be realized in a short time) and we had to use the stuff that was lying around.

Design Your Robot

The first step is to design your robot!

As stated above — it that to be made fast, simple and with the stuff we had.

Lukey we had just eaten pizza. That means.... pizza boxes!

In a mellow mood we imagined everything that had to be on our robot.

What is a robot without any LEDs, right? It isn't a robot at all! (ore at least an lousy one)

I found some spare orange and one green led — perfect!

After we designed our robot in Illustrator, we cut it out with the laser cutter.

Solder the Leds

For this I needed:

  1. multiple leds
  2. one battery (coin cell)
  3. battery holder (coin cell holder)
  4. wire
  5. solder
  6. solder station

I just wanted very bright leds and didn't care if the battery would last long. So i solder it without any resistor or what so ever.

Connect all the negative (short) leads of the leds to the negative side of the battery holder. And the positive (long) leads to the positive side.

Put in the battery and let there be light!

Add the Lights to the Cardboard Mask!

We clamped the LEDs between two layers of cardboard with in between one layer as "spacer".

We tapped the battery holder on the side so you could easily turn the leds on/off by putting in the battery

See the World Through the Eyes of a Robot!


(translation: "have fun!")

(Incase you missed it: the app was Glitcher VR (android))


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