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Follow these simple steps if you need a way to make a foam board free-standing!


For this foam board stand, you will need...

  • T Square
  • 4' by 4' Triple Ply Cardboard
  • Sharpie
  • Pencil
  • String
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Safety Goggles/Glasses
  • Safety Earmuffs
  • Drill (w/ small Drill Bit)
  • Hand Saw/Jig Saw
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Wire
  • Masking tape


This is the template you will need to use for the measurements of your stand.

Trace Template on CardBoard

Use the template from Step 2 and the T square to trace all four parts of the stand onto the 4' by 4' cardboard. You should only need one piece of cardboard to fit all four pieces. The four parts include of the large triangle, the back stand, and the two pieces for the lip.


Use a Jig Saw to cut out the pieces you traced. NOTE: Wear safety gear and have a partner help you if possible.

Drill Hole

In order to prop the stand up at an angle, we will need a string attached to the back stand and the triangle. Line up the triangle and the back stand, then drill a hole through both pieces of cardboard. The hole should be somewhere in the top section of the triangle. Do not do anything with the string yet.

Glue It Together

You will need the triangle piece and the two smaller rectangles. Using a hot glue gun, glue the narrower piece on top of the wider piece perpendicularly. Next, to attach the "L" you just created, glue the narrower piece to the bottom of the triangle perpendicularly. This way, the wider of the two rectangles should be parallel to the triangle.

Taping the INSIDE

Wait until the glue dries to do this step. Lay the triangle face down on the floor so the "L" you just glued is touching the floor, and line up the back stand with the top of the triangle as shown. Cut or rip three pieces of duct tape 8" long. Tape the two together.

Taping the OUTSIDE

The triangle should be taped to the back side by now. Stand this newly taped piece upright. Fold it so the tape you added in the previous step is on the inside. Rip three pieces of duct tape 10" long and tape them over the top as shown.

Threading the String Through

Cut a piece of string an arms length long. With masking tape, tape the string to the wire. Put the back piece and the triangle together. Thread the wire through the holes you previously drilled and pull the string through.

Measure so the angle from the ground to the board is about 80º. Using a marker, make a mark where the string is on the outer side of the cardboard pieces. Then tie multiple knots where you made the marks on the string so that the knot will not go through the hole.

Taping the Sides

Rip 4 pieces of duct tape 12" long. Use the tape to tape the sides as shown.

Gluing the Bottom

Using a hot glue gun, line the bottom edge of the triangle and the bottom of back stand with hot glue so that the stand will not slip while using it.


Once the hot glue dries, you are FINISHED! Now you can stand up your easel and use it with a foam board. CONGRATS YOU NOW HAVE FINISHED THE SUPPORTER OF ALL IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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