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How to Recycle Old Audio Tapes Into Greeting Cards!

have fun and use all your old audio tapes... who listen to them anymore???;-))

Flower 1

you need:
a crochet hook
plastic ring ( one for every flower — from bottles).
..and of course: an old audio tape
and some paperboard for the greeting card

what to do:
make a look with the tape
then make as many simple crochet stitches as necessary to fill the ring all around

Flower 2

when you've covered the ring then make petals:

chain 4
fix with a simple crochet in the ring,
make as many petals as necessary to go around
cut the tape and pull

Flower 3

make other flowers if you like....

Flower 4

at this point I found out that it might be better to use my hot glue....

Flower 6

find a green plastic shopper ... or green paper (magazines are great too!) and cut the stem and the leaf...

Flower 6

Happy Spring!
Happy Summer!


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