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15 Minute Crystals

Don't have time to wait 6 weeks to grow crystals? This ible will show you how to make some in 15 minutes on a small budget!

Tools & Materials


Glue gun

Lighter (optional)


Aluminium foil

Glue gun glue sticks

Cooking spray

Clay (or other moldable material to create templates)

Making Templates

Start by making some templates from clay, I chose to make four sided crystals that end in a point. Whatever shape you chose make sure they can be removed from the mould later on. The more templates you make the more choice you have for customizing the prop you intend to use them on!

Making the Mould

Now wrap your template in aluminium foil and make sure to get all the corners. Once it fits snugly around the template gently pull the template out of the mould.


Give the inside of the mould a generous spraying of cooking spray to make sure the mould will come off later on. While waiting for the gas to bubble out of the cooking spray you can make some more moulds!

Fill the Mold

Alright this step needs a bit of a warning label: CAUTION, HOT. You might want to wear gloves or find a good spot to set the mould down. Once you're sure you won't get burned, use your gluegun and fill up the mould.


When everything cools down, tear off the aluminium foil to reveal your cristal! If you dislike the wrinkles created by the aluminium foil, you can use a lighter to flame polish the surfaces.


Now that your crystals are done you can use them by sticking them into a base or glue them onto a prop, I am using mine to make glowing crystals growing out of a staff for my girlfriends costume (if you stick a LED under them they will glow a dull yellow / white).


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