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Crazy Clown!

This is what I did for Halloween!

You can also watch this funny fallow me around!


Sketch out the mouth with white eyeliner and put on a wig cap. =P


Using white body paint I covered my face.

Lips and Teeth

Starting off the mouth I used red body paint for the lips then white body paint for the teeth.

Then I grabbed a peach color for the gums.

Fill In

Then just fill in the mouth with black body paint.

Mouth Detail

Using black matte eyeshadow I added shadows on the gums as well as some wrinkles around the mouth. I also used yellow and brown matte eyeshadow to dingy up the teeth.


I used black body paint to make the crazy eyebrows.


Using the matte black eyeshadow again I made wrinkles on the forehead.


Using red and black eyeshadow I messily applied that to my lids and drug is around the eye socket.

Last Detail

I decided to make the eyebrows less pretty by taking some liquid eyeliner and making them look fringed.


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