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DIY Toilet Roll Fish Decor

All you need to make
these fish are some toilet rolls, paints and googly eyes. We decorated them with bits and pieces we have in our craft box but you can decorate them however you like. Simple painted stripes or spots would look just as good (if not better). If your kids are little you will probably need to cut and fold this together for them, but it only takes a few minutes and after that you can pass it over to your little artist to paint and decorate. My girls loved playing with them as much as making them, and even gave all our fish names.

You will need

• Toilet Rolls • Scissors • Paints & brushes • Googly eyes and glue • Bits & Pieces to decorate (optional)


Paint your your toilet roll and allow to dry. You can do this before or
after you cut and fold the fish together, we happen to have a stash of already painted toilet rolls so that’s what we used. This one has also been covered in sparkles

Prepping for Cutting

Flatten the toilet
roll by pressing down firmly and creating two neat folds along the top and bottom. Cut two slits at a 45 degree angle towards the centre as shown above.


Fold inwards from the slits at a 45 degree angle on both sides. Unfold,
turn over, and repeat on the other side (folding inwards again along the same fold line but on the reverse side)

Shaping (continued)

Pop the folds inside the roll as shown here.

Cutting Out and Forming the Fishy Shapes!!!!

Cut the front end into a round shape to make it into a fish.


Add googly eyes and a mouth and you’re done! Now the kids can decorate further however they like.


Congrats, you have made your very own fish!?


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