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Halloween Vampire Queen Make-up Tutorial

Uh-oh! You're Halloween party is in just a few hours and you still don't know what to go as. Well girls I'm here to help you. With a (believe it or not) easy way to make you a vampire queen. This process takes anywhere from 20–40 minutes just depending on how detailed you want to get. But my version. Simple. 25 minutes. So, let's begin.

Get It Together

First off you'll need to get a mirror to see what your doing, second the makeup supplies. Simply grey and black eyeshadow, mascara, eye liner (for best results I've found pencil works best), and roll on or brush on foundation to make your skin lighter, blush, black lipstick and a colored on of choice, and lastly, your lovely makeup less face.

Step 1: Foundation and Eyeshadow

first things first lets make our skin have that vampire paleness. Apply the lighter shade foundation over you face everywhere except your lids (if you use roll on/ liquid rub it in) then you'll need to grab your eye shadow brush. Next you will apply black eyeshadow to the lid, then you will add your grey shadow above that. Now don't put away your eye shadow just yet. We will use it towards the end (depends on your preference) to add more effect

Step Two: Time for Liner!

Grab your pencil and listen up! First we will do over eye. You can make this line as thick as you want I myself go for thick out there lines. Line out about a centimeter from your eyes and angle up. When doing the bottom liner, go about as far out as you did with the top and angle down. There should be a space between the top and bottom wing outs. You can fill this with another wing or leave it.

Step Three: Let's Make Rosy Cheeks!

Grab your brush and let's start. With the color of your choice make this as soft or bold as you want (the bolder you go with your blush the more dramatic the look becomes.) go along your cheek bones to highlight and use deeper shades to create the blood looking effect.

Step Four: Lovely Lips

Now you may have two colors or you may have three. I'll show you both. First use your black lipstick to do the outer areas of your lips. If you have only one other color to apply apply it on both bottom and top lip. If you have two other colors use the darker one on top and the lighter on on your bottom.

Step Five: Details, Details

this is your time to be creative and add what you will. I myself do another liner of eyeliner and grey eyeshadow under my eyes to bring out the shade of my eyes. If you do this make a thin line with your pencil under your eyes and then apply he shadow like you did with the first of bottom liner. If you want decals in the wing outs I'd go for simple triangles facing the way the wings do (as shown above)

Step Six: Let's Go Have Fun!

Congratulations you completed your look!!! If it doesn't look like mine that's okay, mine is a simple base look you can make it as how you want to. But now your time has come, throw on an old tee and jeans (add rips for effect) and go have a blast!


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