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Strawbee Paper-Bar Spheres

Strawbees are a brilliant construction toy usually used for connecting straws to build many creative things (bridges, isometric shapes, toy animals, etc.). Here I add my own "Strawbee Bars" and contstruct card-stock spheres.

Required Items:

  • card stock
  • scissors
  • printer
  • Strawbees

Optional (getting fancy) items:

  • to make a chain
    • hot-glue gun (for hot-gluing Strawbee connectors together)
  • to add LEDs
    • conductive copper tape
    • LEDs
    • multimeter (just to check conductivity)
    • button cell batteries

Submitted as part of the May 2015 Strawbees Build Night which was held at Parts and Crafts in Somerville, Massachusetts.
#buildnight #strawbees #StrawbeesBuildNight

Print out and cut the Strawbee Cardstock Bars

Form into spheres

Use creative ways to connect spheres together into chains or other shapes

Try hot-gluing Strawbees together (into a two hole one leg Strawbee) to make a Strawbee sphere chain.


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