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3D Anaglyph Mobile Attachment

Inspired by 3D Anaglyph Camera Attachment!

i like to did some thing very cheap for mobile phone cameras.

One thing i choose gone wrong its glass a (22mm X 30mm glass) its not beam splitter glass so result not come as per expectation.

List of Materials

Materials Required

1) Thin Card board.

2) Small Square Piece Mirror(i use 22mm X 30mm size)

3) Beam Splitter Glass (I use only normal mirror thats the problem in the last. Beam Splitter Glass is the correct choice)

4) 3D glass.

Tools and consumables required

1) Scissors

2) Glue

3) Selefon tape


Pattern give here is for 22mm opening. As per your requirement u change all the size. one main thing is distance between the two mirror (mirror center to center) is 65 mm. Want to remove whole piece marked as H. Want to place mirror in the cross line so measure its length for size(according to your requirement).

Prepare the Pattern

1) Paste the pattern in the card board

2) Cut the unwanted places

3)Cut the box marked as H and fold the lines to make as box.( two holes in the long sides are for image capture and one hole in the other side for camera.

Prepare the Mirror

1) Paste the mirror and glass in a piece of card board where mirror is fully paste. For glass just the boarder.

2)`paste the mirror in the left hole by fold the holding card back word and paste it in the container. Paste the glass in the right side as shown in the figure(two mirrors must be in 45 degree). Now see through the mirror it shows up to the end.

Final Pasting

Close the top of the box and paste it.


I have only one 3D glass so I don't want to tear it (If u have multiple remove the color sheets and paste it in front of two holes. Tie the unit to the mobile with the help of rubber band. (I tie mobile, attachment and glass together. Now switch on the camera and take shots.

My output not shows the correct result because i have no correct beam splitter glass. Its see mixed left and right eye image but most of them are red. So for better output like the one 3D Anaglyph Camera Attachment! use the glasses specified in that.


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