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Hockey Stick Duct Tape Handle

This is my 1st post and since the duct tape challenge is well underway I thought that it would be a good starter for me.Basically I found some hockey sticks at a local sale and picked up a few. Unfortunately only one had a grip on it and being me I decided to take the hockey sticks and give them a new grip.Equipment
1. Duct tape(of course)
2. loom bands (had some left over from the last trend).
3. Hockey stick ( what are you making a grip for?)

Loom Bands

To begin with grab about 2 handfuls of the stringy bands and stretch them over the hockey stick handle. Spread them out to the desired length of the handle. You can also use rubber band to take replacement of the loom bands. The reason I used loom bands was to make a kind of cushion for the hand so when the duct tape is over it will sit nicely in your hands and will absorb the impact during your hockey games.

Wrapping (No Its Not Christmas)

This is considerably the hardest step but this project is still for amateur users. Grab your large roll of duct tape and starting from the top wrap the tape around the stick pulling the tape taught round every wrap you make.If you are a perfectionist at the end of your desired length grip you can most certainly singe the edges for a nice finish.

End Notices

This design is intended for family usage or just the odd pass or two and is by no means fit for a competitive game and is way inferior to an actual grip but I thought it was a cool idea. If you liked this post you may like my others and feel free to follow me and like my posts. That's it for this project but I will see you in the next post. Goodbye!


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