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Embroidered Lampen

In this tutorial you'll learn how to embroider on any surface — in this tutorial it will be an Ikea lamp (Lampen).


Copy Your Pattern

Copy you pattern onto a piece of paper. It's easier to use a grid paper.

Make sure to use the same colors you have in the original pattern. this will be handy later on.

* (please don't mind the drilling holes in my pictures)


Attach the pattern to the lamp using Sellotape (make sure it's straight!).

Drill holes in all four corners of every X of the embroidery pattern.

I recommend using 1.5 cm. drill. If you are not sure your drill size is the right size for your project you can simply drill one hole and try to insert into your first hole a needle with an embroidery thread — if it can enters freely with no additional force — it's just the right drill size for your project.

After you finish drilling the entire pattern you can take off the piece of paper (keep it for the next step). Use a gentle sanding paper (I used my dremmel, but you can do it by hand) to gently scrub off the left overs left from the drilling.

Let's Color It Up!

Now it's time to add some colors to your project!

Use an embroidery floss and a needle and start embroidering X by X.

You can use your copied (and now drilled) paper with pattern to see which color goes where.

A beginners tip: if you are having a hard time understanding where you are in the pattern — you can mark on your paper all the X's you've already embroidered.

If you are embroidering on a light or transparent material, such as this Ikea lamp, it is very important to finish every area of color with a tie and not to drag your floss across the back side of your work — it will definitely show in the light. If you embroider on wood or metal — don't worry about this:)

Congrats on Your New Embroidered Lamp!

light and enjoy your work!


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