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Sewing Stitch for Needlepoint

This is an instructable on how to do sewing stitch when needlepointing. Sewing stitch is best for canvas that is not stretched on either a frame or rollers and is most suited for advanced stitchers. This is a handy stitch for quickly working a large canvas.

Supplies needed are needle, floss, canvas, and some dexterity.

Thread Your Needle

This is the easiest step: thread yo' needle!

If you need help on this step you are not yet ready to learn how to sew stitch and you must return to Go.

Start Your Stitch

To start your sewing stitch feed your needle from the back to the front pulling your thread tight.

Feed Needle Front to Back to Front All at Once

To complete a stitch normally you would now stab the needle from the front to the back of the canvas and pull the thread tight before starting your next stitch. However, with sewing stitch you are completing one stitch and starting the next all at once. So you will stab down to complete your first stitch, then move the needle along the backside to bring it forward where you would start the new stitch, but you don't pull the thread taut until the needle is already positioned at the start of a new stitch. So the needle only ever enters and exits the canvas from the front. Your hands don't visit the back of the canvas until it's time to tie off your thread.

That Was Tricky, Let's Do It Again

You will yet again find yourself at the start of a stitch. Your needle is pulled up and out of the front of the canvas, now it is time to complete this stitch and set yourself up to start another stitch. You will feed your needle thru the hole to complete this stitch while simultaneously bringing the needle forward thru the next hole that starts your next stitch.

And now repeat until you run out of thread. Or canvas. Or both.


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