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Fringe Fleece Scarf

To make this 60' long colorful fleece scarf you will need 3 pieces of fleece that are 60 " long and 5–6 " wide,

chalk, tape measure, shears, sewing machine and thread.

Choose Your Fabric Colors or Patterns- Width and Length

Choose colors that look or compliment each other-- typical size is 60 inches long and 5 to 6 inches wide.

SEW All Three Layers Together Down the Middle — Be Sure to Secure Your Stitch

Place all three layers of fabric together and sew a straight line down through the middle

Take Chalk and Measure One Inch Lines on Both Sides to Make the Fringe

Use chalk to mark off lines which are 1 " wide — use a measuring tape or seam guide

Your Fabric Will Look Like This

This is the finished look of the lines drawn on with chalk

Now Take Your Shears and Cut on the Lines Up to the Sewn Line

Now is the time to CUT — take your sewing sheers and cut on those lines being careful to NOT cut into into the sewn seam ( the middle seam)

Once Your Lines Are All Cut You Can Fluff Your Fringed Scarf!

Now is the time to FLUFF your fringed scarf! Enjoy!


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