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How to Convert a T-shirt Into a Bikini Cover Up

I'm sure you have the one big t-shirt that you never wear, well on this tutorial I give you an idea on how to convert it into a bikini cover up!

You Will Need

Elastic band.
Sewing machine.

First Step

Let's start! It's very easy!

Picture #1: First you need to cut the neck line

Primero debes cortar el cuello de la camiseta.

Picture #2: See how I cut through unto the shoulder.

Fíjate como corto hasta llegar al hombro .

Second Step

Picture #3: Measure the elastic band according to your size, not too tight.

Mide cuanto elástico necesitarás de acuerdo a tu medida, no muy apretado.

Picture #4: Now sew the elastic like I'm doing to secure.

Coser el elástico como lo hago en el video y así asegurarlo.´

Picture #5 and Picture #6: To sew the elastic choose the zig zag type.

Para coser el elástico, elige la forma zig zag en tu máquina de coser.

Picture #7: After you're done, will look like this.

Luego de coserlo, te quedará así.

Third Step

Picture #8, Picture #9 and Picture #10: Measure your arm, cut the elastic and repeat the same step as you did for the neck.

Mide tu brazo y corta el elástico para luego repetir el mismo paso que realizaste para el cuello.

Picture #11 and Picture #12: Will look like this!:)

Te quedará así!:)

Now go on and steal your boyfriend's T-shirt!!;)


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