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How to Make a Shopper Bag From Used Banner

This is bag for carrying artist materials: A3-size paper and large number of color makers, liners and pencils

Collect Ideas

Types of bags, accessories, pattern example

Create a Pattern

MAIN SIZES: BAG HEIGHT = 45 cm, BAG WIDTH = 40 cm, POCKET WIDTH = 11 cm, POCKET HEIGHT = 16 cm, BAG DEPTH = 16 cm, BAG HANDLE WIDTH = 5 cm, BAG HANDLE HEIHGT*** = 38.5 cm (above bag edge, suitable for people taller than 180 cm), DISTANCE BETWEEN BAG HANDLES** = 11 cm

ADDITIONAL SIZES: save for top edge of the bag* = 3.5 cm*2 = 7 cm, save for side edges of the bag* = 2 cm, bottom cutout1 = 10 cm, save for bottom edge* = 2 cm, save for top edge of the pocket* = 2 cm*2 = 4 cm, save for side connections between the pocket and the bag* = 2 cm

*** BAG HANDLE consists of two parts — a straight section and a rounding, the length of which is equal to ¼*pi*distance between bag handles

** DISTANCE BETWEEN BAG HANDLES should be less than the width of the bag bottom

* from each side

Select Materials

Materials used: used banner (cleaned before use), cord, elastic

Сut Out the Details From the Used Banner

Cut out bag and pocket. Draw bend and connection lines

Сut Out the Details From the Cord

Cut out 4 details for hadles and 3 details for button/buttonhole


Сheck the presence and joining of parts

Edge Processing

Stitching the top edge of the bag and top and bottom edges of the pockets

Button Place and Buttonhole Processing

Stitching a cord for attaching buttons and a buttonhole (cord on the outside and inside the bag)

Handles Processing

Stitching the handles (cord on the outside and inside the bag)

Join the Side Joints

Stitching side joints (at both sides)

Finalize the Bottom of the Bag

Stitching the joints that make up the bottom of the bag (at both sides)

Connect the Handles

Stitching the handles, connecting the slings located on one side of the bag (front and back)

Finished Bag


Add Details

For example, decorate with buttons, stripes, badges or something else...


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