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Instant T-Shirt — Just Add Water!

Caught out by sudden nice weather? Grab an old sheet in a pattern of your choice, hack out two rough t-shirt shapes, put them face-to-face and staple, glue or safety-pin all around the edge.

This could be used as a last-minute fancy-dress idea, turning a flag into a national t-shirt, or a flowery table-cloth into a hippy top.

- Kiteman

I have to credit Kiteman with the idea. Unfortunately, he did not have the time to do the ible himself, and so passed his idea on.

Simply put, this is a Labot interpretation of the work of genius.


To make your own Instant T-Shirt — Just add Water!, you will need:

  • Some material
  • Scissors
  • Staples, glue, or safety pins (I used staples)

First Cuts

1. Lay out your material, then fold it in half.

2. If your material is large enough, just cut out a T-Shirt shape. If not (like mine), then cut a bit off the top to make sleeves out of later.

3. Hold up the remaining material against you to estimate how much material you'll need to make a shirt. Cut off any extra material.

Making the Sleeves & Neck

1. Cut a hole at the top for the neck of the T-Shirt.

2. Using your scrap material, cut out two sleeves. You'll need to cut out two separate squares for each sleeve, for a total of four squares. You can hold them up to your arms for a good estimate.

3. Hold the sleeves up to your material and cut out holes of appropriate sizes for the sleeves.

Tying It All Together

1. Take one sleeve and staple it to the material, making sure that you only staple one square at a time, so that you allow for a hole between the sleeve and T-Shirt for your arm to pass through. Repeat with other sleeve.

2. Staple up the rest of the shirt, making sure to leave holes for the neck, arms, and bottom of shirt.

3. Put on your shirt. Walk around, attracting stares of disbelief, wonder, and adoration. Allow others to bask in your awesomeness.

As always, good luck and have fun!
~ Labot


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