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Kool Aid Dyeing for Lace

I kept looking for a tutorial for kool aid lace dyeing,but I couldn't find any, so I decided to make my own.

Cut Your Lace

Cut you lace to the desired length you want,unless you want it all the same color. I am going to make a baby headband with my lace so I cut mine to 14 inches.

Choose Your Kool Aid

For this piece of lace I chose grape and blue raspberry. (the blue is very pretty by itself too, as you can see in the first picture)

Soak Your Lace

I use hot water, but room temperature water should be fine too. Mix in just a little bit of your kool aid (unless you are dyeing more than just a few inches). Then put your lace in. I always hold down the lace with fork so it stays completely submerged.

Remove Your Lace

Once the lace is the color that you want, remove it from the kool aid water and rinse in clean warm water. Once rinsed lay out on a paper towel to dry.


Now you have lace that not only is pretty, but smells like your favorite kool aid.:P


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