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Basic Earrings

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show you how to make some really simple, really pretty earrings!

This is my first tutorial so I thought I'd go back to the basics, where I started jewelry making. Hope you enjoy it!!!:)


For this tutorial you will need:
1. A pair of needle nose pliers 2. Earring hooks, which can be bought at craft stores, or online. 3. Head pins or eye pins — eye pins have a loop at the bottom like the ones I used, and head pins have a flat end. *Note: both earring hooks and eye pins can be made using wire, so you don't have to buy pre made ones. Earring hooks should be made with 21 gauge wire. I am using pre made ones, but it is totally up to you. 4. Beads! Whatever beads you want to put on there! I used small purple beads, slightly larger blue ones, and the center bead was a green crystal like one. 5. Scissors (sharp!) or preferably wire cutters! 6. Optional but helpful: another pair of pliers like flat nose or snipe nose pliers... You can even use a pair of pliers from your toolbox. This is not needed if you are using a head pin.

String on the Beads

Put your beads, in the order you want them, on the eye pin (or head pin).
I was using a symmetrical kind of design, so I made the top and bottom the same. Also, if you are you are using a head pin, you need to make sure that your bottom bead's hole isn't too big, because if it is the bead will not stay on.

Cut Off Excess Wire

This step is a little more complicated than the last ones, since you have to be really careful about the length you cut the eye pin to.
I estimated mine, which I don't recommend if this is your first time ever making earrings, unless you are ok with a less than perfect loop. You can try out different ways to make the loop and types of loops. If you are worried about making it too short, you can always make your own type of loop, for example, a teardrop shape. Making the loop how you want it, straightening the wire back up, and then cutting it seems like the best option other than estimation. If you have wire cutters, you may be able to simply cut the eye pin after you make the loop. (I haven't bought them yet because I have some pretty sharp scissors.) I made one simple loop.

Make a Loop

To close the loop, use needle nose pliers.
First pull the wire a bit to one side, so the loop isn't lopsided, then curl over, using the needle nose pliers to make it round.

If you want the top and bottom loop of your eye pin to be even and on the same side, hold each loop with pliers and twist the top loop to be even with the bottom one.

Also, here's an example of a teardrop loop!

Close the Loop

Open the loop on the earring hook and put it through the loop you just made. Then close the loop back up!

Finishing Touches

You may want to add a plastic backing to your earrings so they don't come off and get lost.

Once you are done, wear them, give them as a gift to a friend, and make more!

These earrings look really nice, especially compared to the old faded ones!

Also, here's a picture of other earrings made the same way!

Hope you liked this tutorial and if you have any questions or comments, I would be happy to hear them or help you out!


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