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College Mascot Bling Necklace

This is a tutorial on how to make your own mascot necklace to support any team and show your team spirit, and look good while doing it!!!

To Get Started

You will need to find some of your favorite team logos, you can find them on line or take a picture of them yourself with your cell phone and print them off and cut them out. I just happened to find some after dinner type mints that were individually wrapped and had my team logo on them, so I cut them out and used them. you will also need to find you a cool background (I used a red holographic Christmas bag) but any paper will do. You will also need some large glass craft stones you can find at any $1 shop (whole bag for a $1) and some industrial adhesive such as E6000 or I use the JB Welder type, it is clear and holds good w/o the smell of the E6000. Simply take a little of your glue and add to the back of the stone and place your mascot picture face down on it so that you can see it clearly through the front of the stone, let this dry for about 30 mins . Trace out a lg circle from your background paper and then put you a thin coat of glue to the whole back of the glass stone and apply your background paper, working out any bubbles by pushing them to the edges.

Assembly of Your Necklace

Once your glass pieces are done you will need to get the rest of your necklace pieces ready to assemble. You will need a large fender washer (available at any hardware store cheap for a whole pack) some sort of bale to glue on the back to hold your pendant by, and some sort of bling to glue around the glass bead to cover edges ( I happened to use an old broken rhinestone bracelet) you can glue on some sort of cording, individual beads, etc... anything you choose. Start by roughing up the front side of the washer with either sand paper or a dremel tool ( I used my dremel to give it a cool textured look) so that the glue will have grooves to adhere to. Next apply the glue to the center of the washer around the center hole and also to the back of the glass bead, then center it on the washer and press. This needs to dry over night to assure good adhesion. Then measure out the trim you will need to go all the way around the glass bead to cover the edge where it is glued to the washer and using the same glue add it on ( let this dry a few hours). Then sand a spot on the back of the washer to adhere your bale to the back...(I used an old metal hasp I found in my husband's tool box) be creative and use something you can find around the house.

Your Finished Product

Once you are all done and it has dried over night, add your pendant to whatever cording or chain you wish (I happened to use a clack shoelace for mine) and BAM! You now have a handmade mascot necklace, a one of a kind piece.


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