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D.I.Y Egg Shell Necklace

Hello All,
Today I will Show you how to make an Do-it-Yourself Egg Shell Necklace.

A Simple But Fancy and Beautiful Necklace made from Egg Which would never Break with Pressure!
The Total Cost of Making this was only ₹110 = 2$ only!

Difficulty = Easy
Material Requirement = Very Less!

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Gather All Matertials

Here is the list of Everything Required:-

1) 1Pc. Egg
2) Acrylic Paints
3) Paint Brush
4) Nylon Thread
5) White Portland Cement
6) Some Water
7) A Small Bottle
8) Cutter

Break the Egg

Take one Egg and try to beak the Egg Shell From Top,So that We Have More Space to fill Portland cement and make it Rigid.

Throw the small shell and take the big Shell.

Cut the Bottle

Now Cut the Bottle from Top with Cutter.

Making Cement Mix

Now take the Bottle again and Pour some water and White Portland Cement Powder in it.
Make the Mix Very thick like Toothpaste.

If the mix doesn't gets thick then keep on adding Cement Powder until and unless it gets Thick.

Pour the Mix

Now take the egg shell and pour the mix in it.

Now again we will be using that Bottle.
So, Again Cut the Bottle and Put the Egg in it. So that it has a support and Cement Mix doesn't gets out of the egg.

Add the Thread

Now Take thread's both ends and dip both ends in portland Cement Mix which is in the egg shell.

Keep the Egg in Safe Place

Now let the egg rest in a safe place and dry for

Show Your Creativity!

When the Egg is Fully Dried . Take it and Paint it!
I would also like to see other's Creativity too.
So do attach the Photos in Comments if some one have makes it:)

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