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Jean Bracelet

In my jewelry making endeavor I found a great new and simple bracelet design!


Here is what I needed to used to make my jean bracelet

Old Jeans

Metal Wire


Cut Out Jean

I started by cutting out the seam of one of the jean legs. This will make up the body of the bracelet.

I cut out the seam all the way up to the knee, about 20" long.

Thread in Wire

The next step is to threat the wire into the loop of the seam. The stitching of the seam has a double stitching which gives the perfect loop to threat the wire into without having to conduct any extra sewing.

Bend Into Bracelet Form

With the wire in I then bent the wire to fit around my wrist . The key is to make it big enough so you can just slip it on but small enough so it doesn't easily fall off when you wear them.


And with that my super awesome and super simple bracelet was complete!



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