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Peafowl Trinkets

Today, tradition of wearing jewelry is extremely strong in India. These are considered to be an extremely important fashion accessory by the women. These days, girls go in for inexpensive colorful metal jewelry, which they change daily according to their dress. These artificial earrings and neckless are easily available in huge variety on road side stalls. But handmade jewelry have their own value and speciality.
Like today I have made this jewelry using rice. Rice which is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in India. But can you imagine it can be used in many more creative things........
Take the example of these peafowl trinkets and start making.....................

Technique to Join

Joining things together sometime becomes hard if you don't know the proper technique of doing so.
And this is the proper technique of joining rice and wire together.
For demonstration I have used plastic straws instead of using rice and wire for you to understand the joining technique.
Follow the steps and learn it.
1) Pass one straw (rice) in between of two other straws (wire).
2) Tie them diagonally from one side using thread and repeat the process until it is tied properly.
3) Now tie it diagonally using thread to the other side.
4) you can now put the other straw (rice) in between of the same straws (wire).
And tie it using the same technique.


1) Take rice on a paper.
2) Paint the rice golden.
3) And let them dry.

Joining Rice Together

1) Take golden craft wire of length 29 cm and fold it half making the loop of the bent for earrings and for the center pice of neckle ( 3 Pieces of same length).
2) Take two pieces of wire of length 18 cm and two of lengthy 12 cm.
3) Now using the joining technique tought above, join the rice in the wire lengths.
4) You should have 7 lengths of wire and rice (ie. Of 14.5cm- 3 lengths, 9cm — 2 lengths & 6cm — 2 lengths).

Giving Shape

1) Take one of the wire that you have hopefully made following the previous steps.
2) Now, with the help of pliers join the ends of the wire together as shown in the image.
3)After that, give this structure a kite like shape as shown in image......

Put the First Layer of Thread

1) On the ends that you joined following the previous step, tie a long thread.
2) Then, start tieing the thread from one rice left passing through the center on the apposite side of the joint and follow the same all through the structure as I have done in the video....

Second Layer

1) This step is quite similar as the previous step but this time you have to take the thread that you tied on the ends as in previous step leaving more space towards left......
2) Following the previous steps make 7 same shaped but different sized pieces.

For Earrings

1) Take 2 same sized (perimeter each piece ahould be 14.5cm)
2) Now, take 2 earrings hook and join them on the pieces made from where you have tied the thread.....

Make Neckless

1) Take a 15 cm scale and thread.
2)Now, tie the thread all through the length of the scale, do not stop until this thread becomes enough thick.
3) Then, using scissors cut this thin rope anywhere you want and this 15 cm rope will turn into a 30 cm thin rope. Make the one more rope of same color and same thickness.
4) Now, make another rope of different colored thread of the same thickness.
5) Now tie these thread ropes one of the ends together using thread but be careful don't let them mix.
6) Now tie them as we tie simple plaits of hair. For more details watch the video above.............
7) And after that tie the other end also.
8) Now join the chain on the ends.
9) With the help of needle and thread stitch the rice pieces you have made on the rope.
10) You have to choose appropriate size of rice pieces and keeping the symmetry in mind and attach them wisely on rope.....


So we name this product as PEAFOWL TRINKETS because we have chosen the color of peacock's feather and shaped it like one.


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