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Halloween Pompoms

This is a tutorial to make three different types of Halloween-themed pompoms:

  • Candy Corn Pompoms
  • Ghost Pompoms
  • Pumpkin Pompoms
  • Eye Pompoms

You will learn the basics to make all kinds of designs for your pompoms, these are just a few ideas.

They are super cute and perfect for decorating your home, your handbag or backpack or to give as part of your trick or treat 'treats'.

Hope you enjoy making them as much a I enjoyed creating them too.

Follow along this video and instructions:


Create a Diagram

Crate a diagram of the pompom you want.

As explained in the video, you can make a drawing (or follow the diagram here) and simply draw a line don the middle of your design. Remember it has to be a ROUND shape when you design it. Later on you can mold it to another shape with trimming.

In this case I have a candy corn, a ghost (or pumpkin) and an eye.

The placement of the yarn on the half-moon holder depends on your design.

The layers change depending on whether your pompom has eyes, a mouth or nose or layers.

Layer Yarn

Follow the design and layer the yarn on the half pompom makers.

If you're making a face, you'll only use different colors on one side of the maker.

If you are making with color divisions then you need to change colors on both sides of the maker. Be careful how to place them, as many pompom makers fold in different locations.


  • Make sure the colors don't 'bleed' into the side of the other color, unless specified. This means there needs to be a clear division of colors, particularly on the Candy Corn pompom. This will ensure the pattern stays even along the whole pompom. But don't worry too much, as you can shift the trimmed yarn a little by hand.
  • As I mention on the video, it's helpful to fasten the ends unto themselves or the edges to the pompom maker just so they don't get on the way.

Cut Yarn

Cut yarn along the gap around the whole pompom maker. Don't be afraid, the yarn is contain inside and we'll fasten it soon.

Fasten With a Piece of Yarn

Fasten your pompom securely with a piece of yarn. Tight and with a double knot.

Carful not to break your yarn while you do it.

Release Pompom

Release the pompom!


Most of the cuteness of pompoms comes from the trimming.

And you'll have to do quite a bit of it, but it's fun!

Trim Pompom

This is really the most artistic step of the whole pompom making process.

Here is where the pompom will actually take shape and look cute and polished.

It can take a couple of tries sometimes to make them look good.

Here are some TIPS:

  • Start by cutting along one single strip all around the pompom. This will be your 'reference point' to trim down to the rest of it.
  • You might have to trim almost half of the pompom. Depends of how much yarn there is (how crowded) and the texture of the yarn as well.
  • Re-arrange yarn as you go along. Just don't pull on it. You can move single pieces of yarn slightly to fall on the shape you want.
  • The newer and sharper scissors do a magnificent job! (I like the large scissors).

Et voila! You got your cute pompom!

Hope you really liked this tutorial. Please join our YouTube Channel for more amazing, creative knitting, crochet and decorative DIY projects!


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