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Knit Coffee Cozy

In this tutorial I will show you something I do for a 'living'. And you can too! They make great money, so you can start selling them locally! Spread the word!!!!!

Gather Materials

1- any yarn
2- knitting needles
3- felt square
4- different color strings
5- needles (thick and sharp point)
6- patience (these will take about 2 hours each)

Start Knitting

I'm not sure what number my needles are (I doesn't say) but I'm assuming like a 3 or a 2.5 maybe. Now you want to knit it up and down 3.5 inches. Then side to side about eight inches.

Felt Time!

Now you want to sew a cute/ witty phrase. Ex: hot cocoa, vanilla bean, careful I'm hot!, cafe latte, spiced cider, and so on. For the warm brown color I'm using I'll do hot cocoa.

After You Stitch It…

You sew it on to the cozie. I do 2 different patterns. Shown above.

Close It Up

Then you want to take a thicker needle and put the yarn through and see the ends together.

Another Style…

I have one called the button loop. If y'all want to see a tutorial for this bad boy, comment "make the button loop" if I get 5 comments saying this, I will indeed make a tutorial!

Thank You All So Much

I hope you guys know how much I appreciate each and every one of you! Were all like one big happy family. Byeeee


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