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Leather Tablet Case (From Old Leather Garments)

Hey Makers, We will embark on another journey towards our Make and Idea table to do another Creation!

Here is what we'll gonna make, your very own Leather Tablet Case

Now let's get this Started!

Materials Needed

To make your very own leather tablet case you need to gather the following items,

now gather them all up!

here are the materials needed:


Leather or leatherette (I used an old leather skirts)


Black Garter



All a Board!

Now prepare the chipboard

so 1st thing we need to do is to measure,

my tablet is 7", 7.5" in length, 4.4" in width

so I need to make a case size by 8" in length and 5" in width

if you have a different tablet then just add and inch or two in the dimension of the tablet case.

the 2nd thing, is to place your tablet on the board like shown,

measure the tablet by copying the first measured size in to two copies like shown

but the chipboard is not stiff enough so we will double or triple the size,

3rd thing, is to cut the desired box measurement, I cut four Identical rectangles to double in size,

in every box, add a little spacing in the middle like shown, this will be the tablet's thickness so we need some spacing in the middle.

Now Let the Foldings Begin!

so trace the lines like shown to make grooves on the lines, for easy folding

trace back and fourth the line between the 2nd and 3rd boxes like shown,

this traced part will make the board easy to be fold,

now fold it gently like shown,

Now with your glue, Spread it onto the folded part like shown,

this will double the thickness of your board and stiffness too...

now trace back your spacing between the boxes like shown,

and gently fold it again upwards like shown,

place your tablet again to make some minor adjustments, if not then you're good to go!

onto the next step!.

Now Let's Dress

Now we'll cover the tablet with leather, I used brown leatherette (from an old leather skirt)

first lay one leather below the tablet board, and cover it with another leather above like shown,

now cut the leather on the preferred shape but make some spacing again like shown in the 5th picture,

now get your glue and paste it on the leather below and place the tablet board, and leave it for 5 min. in order to set the glue,

now cut the edges of the leather as shown to cover the tablet board's sides,

now place the other leather above and make sure it is a centimeter below the edges of the board like shown,

now paste it again on the board to cover the edges of the leather,

add some tape onto it to fasten and help the glue set.

if you're done, let continue.

Now Let's Design!

First thing we got to do it design the leather board,

you can use any kind of leather to design this, I used black leather,

sky's the limit in designing your tablet,

but here's mine

I cover one side of the leather board for minimalist effect

then I used glue to fasten it to make the glue set I place a heavy object on top, and then sew it on the leather board for adding a little touch.

Now let's continue!

Now Fasten the Tablet

Now in order to fasten the tablet onto the leather case we need a black garter

now measure your desire length of the garter then cut, we need to cut four garter

angle it to your preferred angle and the sew it on the table case like shown,

now to seal the leather tablet, you need some garter again and use your clever mind to seal it, be it on the side

or use a hook, just imagine and do it,

I never use my table for photograph so, i didn't poke holes at the back, but I need to amplify the music so I put some leather near the sound system of the tablet, and to listen we go!

Now You Have a Leather Tablet Case!

Now you can enjoy and make your tablet cool and awesome!

but wait there's more!

Let's Make Another One!

Just follow what we did earlier to make another tablet,

but this time make your mind run loose and imagine the possibilities you can make.

Now this another tablet case is made from felt cardboard and a bond paper,

sorry I didn't documented how I made this one, it was from before then it hit me today in making a documented tablet case,

Mental Note: Document Everything You do, and Make

I was found of the famous anime series DeathNote So I made one Based on the famous book Death Note.

I made camera and sound holes at the back, where I just cut and made some minor adjustments

followed the Font of the DeathNote and there you have it another tablet case!.

So that's all folks,

Imagine, Make, and Create.... and Share your Ideas.

Bye Bye! Happy Making!


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