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Lego Head

What inspired me?

I love Lego. I mean who doesn't? These fun little bricks have been in most of out lives for a long time and that little bit of plastic caused so much happiness. The best part was the little figures that came with it. You could/ can get so many different figures with different expressions. You can even get doctor who, police, monster and star wars pieces that look exactly like the famous characters. Ever since the movie a while ago im completely obsessed all over again. I decided to complete this project ever since I noticed some one did this with an emoji. Anyway, please enjoy!

You will need;

- An empty glass jar (pickles, curry sauce)

- Yellow acrylic paint

- Black acrylic paint

- Brushes

Cleaning and Painting the Jar

Step one — Cleaning and Painting the jar

Cleaning the jar is quite important as you need to do it straight away, not after. This is because the paint may come off or chip if it accidentally knocks against the taps or basin. Clean with warm soapy water and then leave to dry.

When its dry, steam the label off . This can be done by standing the jar in boiling water or even by pouring warm soapy water over the label to remove the paper. When this is done, I used solvent cleaner to get rid of the sticky glue residue.

After that, begin the paint the inside or outside with the yellow Acrylic paint. This can be difficult as paint doesn't really stick too

glass. If this is so, mix the paint with a little bit of PVA. Cover the entire jar with the paint.

When this is done, use a black marker to draw on a pair of lego glasses in proportion to the lego head or glass you are using to complete this project

Painting on the Glasses

Step two — Painting on the Glasses

When the yellow paint has dried, you can now add the glasses.

Feel free to use some over facial characteristic such as a beard or hair. Make it more unique and you can even google a design.

I used a fine pencil to draw the basic layout onto the surface and then began to apply thin coats of black paint to the shape I drew. I applied at least three coats and it actually turned out fine.



After the paint dries, you will have your very own Lego head that you made! Thank you so much for reading and I really hope you liked I. Please feel free to follow and favourite for more projects like this. Feel free to comment on this project and if you have ant ideas, comment! Thank you.


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