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Homecoming Mum

Want to make a mum for yourself or homecoming date? But you don't know how well here's how to.

Gather the Material

You can get most of this material from a local craft store.
(Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.)

The material needed below:
-2 mum bases
-Mum flower
-Ribbons (your school colors)
-Any other decorations you want to add (footballs, whistles,etc.)
-Hot glue gun
-Hot glue sticks
-Safty pin/string/garter (tennis wristbands work best for the garder)

Lay Out What You Want

1) lay down the mum base

2) Decide what you want on your mum

3) Decide the length you want your mum (the ribbons, beads, feathers) to be.
remeber the more you have on your mum the heavier it will be.

4) Decide how you want it it look

5) Make sure the ribbons do not cover the hole or else the stem of the flower will not go threw the hole. Hot glue ribbons and other ribbon like decorations to the mums base.

6) Now just hot glue the 2nd mum base on top of the other base.

Mum Flower

7) Hot glue your choice of mum flower on top of the base make sure the stem of the flower goes threw the hole.


Now just decorate your mum with footballs, whistles, bells, stickers, etc.
(you may have to hot glue some decorations down onto the ribbon or flower.)

String, Safety Pin, or Garter/ Tennis Wristband

Poke a hole threw the top of the bases put string threw the hole and tie like a necklace.


Poke a hole threw the top of bases and put a safety pin threw.


For a guy hot glue a garter or tennis wristband to the back of the mum base.
You might have to glue duck tape the back of the tennis wristband and hot glue onto the back of the mum base.

Ta-da! Your Done!



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