From DIY home decor to handmade gifts, here are the best arts and crafts to spark your creativity

Little Customizable Dolls

Here is where you can make your own little doll that looks like anything you want it to be!

Gather Materials

Gather your materials, as seen in the picture!

• masking tape

• Glue

• paper

• scissors

• yarn

• markers/paint

Crumple Up Your Paper

Two for the body, one for the head.

Wrap It in Tape

Put the three pieces together and wrap them in tape. Glue them if you need.

Wrap It in Yarn

Wrap the taped up paper in yarn, choosing the colors you want for skin and clothes along the way.

Put on Their Face

Use your paint or markers to color a face on the yarn. The face can be a cartoon, video game, or anything!

Add Hair

Cut up a lot of little pieces of yarn, and glue them on in the hairstyle you want your doll to have.


You should now have a cute little doll of your own:)


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