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Decorative Paper Wall Clock

Hello Everyone, I have made an amazing Instructable project ... Whenever you check time, you will feel pleasant. How will you feel when your friends visit your home and wonder to see a very nice, cool and decorative wall clock that you made yourself with Paper. That's a good paper craft I ever made. I will show you in this Instructable how you can make this cool paper clock at your home and decorate your room.

Materials and Tools

List of Materials used:

  • Clock machine with hands
  • A spare CD-ROM (disk)
  • Paper cutter
  • Wood glue
  • Brush to apply the glue
  • A small piece of string about 4 inches (to hang the clock on wall)
  • Drawing compass
  • Lead pencil
  • Lead pencil eraser
  • Lead pencil sharpener
  • Ruler (at least 12 inches long)
  • Small Black Marker
  • Ballpoint pen
  • 4 Color paper sheets (pink, green, red & blue), 21 x 27 inch
  • 2 Cardboard sheets (14 in x 21 in)

You can find these things easily at your local market.


Cut 4 rectangular strips of dimension 6 in x 26 7/8 in from each color paper sheet. Be careful to cut the exact dimensions. These paper strips will be used to make the folded origami shape in the next step.

Folding the Strips

Draw the points on both edges of the strip each 5/8 inch apart (use ruler for measuring).

Now use ruler and ballpoint pen to join the points on opposite edges of the strip — apply some extra pressure with ballpoint pen while drawing lines as it will make folding process easier.

Now start folding the paper on lines. Make hill (upward) and valley (downward) fold -first one is hill fold, second is valley, third is hill and so on.

Do the same with remaining three strips so you get 4 folded strips as shown in pictures.

Making Clock Base

Cut a square of 12 in X 12 in from cardboard sheet. Draw diagonals to it as shown. Now you have the center.

Use drawing compass to draw a circle of 1.5 inch radius. Draw another circle of radius 6 inch (both circles at the center of the square).

Cut the outer circle with scissors.

Draw 4 rectangles on each of the 4 pencil lines, about 1 inch away from the center circle, 2 inch long and half inch wide.(see the pictures)

Cut the inner circle out with the help of paper cutter.

Cut at the the marks of the rectangles except the sides touching the lines. Fold the rectangles upwards (see pictures).

Make two holes for the string to hang the clock on wall. Make these holes on sides of any one of the four pencil lines. Suppose this line is at 12 O'clock position. Attach the string as shown.

Making the Dial

Cut a 7.5 inch square. Draw its diagonals. Draw two circles of radius=3.5 inch and 3 inch at the center.

Make a hole at the center about the width of the pencil -use needle point of drawing compass to make the hole and then use lead pencil to make the hole wider.

Cut out the outer circle with scissors to get the shape as shown in picture.

Drawing Hour Marks

Mount the clock machine with the dial we made in the last step. Mount hour and minute hand.

Bring both hands on any one of the lines.

Rotate the time setting knob at the backside of the clock machine to complete a 360 degree rotation of the minute hand. Now with pencil draw a point next to the hour hand on the circle (drawn earlier with lead pencil). (see photos).

Repeat this to get all marks.

Remove the clock machine and its hands.

Use center hole of the CD/DVD to draw rings on each mark with black marker (see photos). These rings will serve as hour marks.

Erase all lead pencil markings on the dial with eraser.

Placing Folded Strips on the Base

Apply glue to the base and fix the folded strips on it as shown in the pictures. You can apply some weight (book etc) on it to keep them in place.

Wait for 10 minutes to dry the glue.

Placing the Dial

Apply the glue on the backside of the dial.

Place it on the folded strips surface. Keep hour marks next to the 4 visual lines joining the colors.(as shown).

Wait for drying.

Mounting the Clock Machine

Turn the base upside down. Mount the machine by screwing its nut.

Attach all clock hands.

At This Point..!

Now you have something that has quite attractive and acceptable look.

You can skip the remaining steps if you are okay with this but if you want to make it more graceful, move to the next steps.

Second Part of Clock

Second Part:

This is the second portion of the clock. For this part of the clock, make folded strips of two colors instead of four. I used pink and blue.

Strips dimension is: 4.5 inch X 26 7/8 inch .

Folds are again 5/8 inch apart.

Base radius: 4.5 inch.

Front circle radius: 2 inch.

Make folded strips as we made earlier.

Glue them on the base .

Glue the front circle as shown in pictures.

Third Part of Clock

Third Part:

Cut two strips from color paper sheets that are not used in the last step.

Strips Dimension: 3 inch X 19 3/8 inch

Folds are again 5/8 inch apart

Base circle radius: 3 inch

Front circle radius: 1.5 inch

Do the rest as we did in the previous step.

Joining All the Three Parts

Remove clock hands, (machine too if needed)

Place all three parts upside down as shown.

Cut a strip of the color paper (or cardboard) of appropriate length and width, and glue it to all three clock parts as shown. It will hold them together.

Wait for drying.

Attach clock hands.

Put the battery in the clock and adjust the time.

Hang it to the wall.

Final Look: Mounted on Wall

Have a colorful look of time!!!

I'm sure you have enjoyed this project . Thanks!;-)


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