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DIY PAPER ILLUSION Using Paper and Sharpner

Hi everyone!
Welcome to my instructables
Today we are going to make a paper 3d illusion using paper

So lets get started

Collecting the Materials

Materials required are:
1. Printout of the image
2. Sharpner or better use a paper cutter
3. Tweezer
4. Paint

Preparing for the Cut

First print the image template provided and then take a sharpner and take its blade out.

Now you just need to stick the template on a hard object like hardboard or just a cardboard will work as well and now we can start cutting it.


Now you need to start cutting parts of the template.

Just follow the lines and markings on the template.

quick tip — start cutting from the small portions so that if something wrong happens you can get on to another print out now just cut and cut

Just Be Patient

i know its a highly patiencial job and its not easy especially if you are cutting using a blade like me

just cut all the portions well

Colouring(giving It Life)

now after the cutout is ready, you are ready to paint it in any colour of your choice.

I went with just dark blue colour.


now after when its ready you are free to use it like a wall hanging or just like a piece of art


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