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Dog Made From Paper Boxes

I made this paper dog for my family's Christmas card. It took me 2 hr. to make and 2–5 pieces of paper. It has a pop-up christmas card necklace around its neck. So let's get started. You may change anything.

This is my first instructable so please no rude comments.

Step 1: Legs

Step 1: Make legs

1 piece of paper
Folding experience

Fold paper into sixteenths (long way)
Then Fold into fourths (Short way)
Cut on the four lines
Should have four stripes
Roll stripes into box legs
should have four legs after

Step 2: Body

Step 2: Body

One piece of paper

First print this any size you want
cut it out then fold and tape
once together tape on legs

Step 3: Tail and Neck

Step 3: Tail and Neck

Time to make the tail and neck
First you can make the tail any way you want
I just taped a piece of paper to its back
time to make neck
draw this and roll into box
tape it shut
tape neck to dog's body

Final Step: Head and Nose

Step 4: head

Finally the head
First draw this
cut out and tape together
time for the nose
draw this (and make sure it is small enough to fit on head)


now you are finished


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