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Folding World Record Paper Airplane

Today we will be learning how to fold the World Record paper airplane the flew for about 226ft made by John Collins.

Fold the Paper Diagonally on Each Side to Make an “X”

Take the Right-hand Edge, Just From the Creased Corner Down to Where This Crease Meets the End of the Page, and Lay It Against the Diagonal Fold

Repeat on Both Sides

Fold Down the Top Part of the Airplane to Match the Creases From the 1st Layer to the 2nd Layer

red is the top layer and blue being the bottom line these up to the best of your ability.

Fold in the Top Left and Right Corners to Meet Along the Crease in the Middle

Next Take the Flap Between the Now Folded Corners and Fold It Up Over Those Two Corners

Leaving the Flap on the Bottom Fold the Plane in Half

You are lining up the top left corner of the plane, don't worry about lining up the wings exactly

Fold Down the Edge of the Wing Until the Bottom Part of the Wing Hangs Slightly Below the Bottom of the Plane

Repeat on Both Sides to Match Each Other

Put a Slight Bend in the Back Outside Corner on Both Wings for Some Extra Lift. But Be Sure Not to Create a Crease in the Paper

At this point you have completed your airplane! Now you are the pilot on your next flight!


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