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How to Make a Paper Cup Origami!

Hello! Today, I will teach you how to make a paper origami! And it's not just a fake cup! It's an actual cup where you can open the pocket!

* The paper cup on top is what your finished origami piece will look like!

Start With the Materials First

All you need for the materials is a square piece of paper. You can either get origami paper or you can look at how to make your own origami paper.

Make sure you get all of your knowledge!!!

Fold It Up

Fold the square piece of paper half upward. To do tilt the square so that it looks like a diamond, then fold it half upward so that you get the shape of a triangle.

Crease and Unfold!

Now, fold the top corner of the triangle downward towards the left and make a crease. Then, unfold it.

Follow the Crease

Now, you will see the crease on the triangle paper. Follow the crease by folding the right bottom corner. Make sure the right edge is parallel to the bottom.

To the Same Path

Now, do the same thing. Fold the left bottom corner to the right corner. As you look into the photo, watch me fold the bottom left corner onto the grey dot I made!

Almost Done!

Now, once you got all of the steps so far, fold the top layer downward. Make sure you fold only one page, not two. Check the photo to see if you are correct

Last Step!!!

Now, just fold the paper on the top backwards. After that open the cup. See it in the photo!


Congratulations! You've made your own personal origami cup! Here's a tip. Tape the open parts so that it doesn't keep on coming out! Please like and follow me. Also please click on the "I made it" button so I can see that you made it!


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