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A Superhero Birthday Party

This is when you don't really have a big space at your house and you have to rent a space somewhere.

We had a gym place in our city where it also offered a room for party (the gym burnt down a couple of months ago, sadly). So kids get to have fun, running around, burning their energy, then get to sing and enjoy treats right after.

Even when we couldn't really decorate the party room, at least we still could bring our themed goodies!

Superhero Goodies

We planned a more festive decorations and such in our heads, but once we learned the space, we ended up with these following goodies instead.

Superhero cake pops

Spiderman cookies

Comic words cookies

Thank you for coming goodie bags

Spiderman cake

Candies and crackers/chips


And balloons (sorry not pictured)

We opted out foods as we only had an hour to use the party room, and snacks and cake would be enough, plus our party was held at 2.30 PM so lunch was over and dinner was still long to go.

Superhero Cake Pops

You can use any flavor of cake and cream you wish. Crumble cake and mix with cream, shape into balls and dip in melted chocolate, place them into mini cupcake liners.

As you can see on the picture, I decorated them with comic words such as zap, pow, boom, etc. They are written on fondant using edible pen.

Spiderman Cookies


2 c flour

1/4 tsp BSoda

1/4 tsp salt

3/4 c butter, room temperature

2/3 c sugar

1 egg

2 tsp vanilla essence/extract

Preheat oven 350 F

Combine flour, soda and salt, set aside. Beat butter and sugar and gradually add in sugar, until fluffy, on high speed for 4 minutes. Add in egg and 1 tsp of the vanilla essence. Reduce to low and add in flour gradually, until combined. Form into a disk, wrap in plastic and chill it for half hour

On floured surface, roll out dough and cut using round cookie cutter and place on ungreased cookie sheet Bake for 9–11 mins, cool for 5 mins on pan then remove from pans onto cooling rack.

Royal Icing:

3 oz pasteurized egg whites from carton

1 tsp vanilla essence

4 c icing sugar

On low-medium speed, beat egg whites until frothy, add in vanilla while keep beating. Add in icing sugar a little at a time until all dissolved (it will be shiny). Turn up speed to high and beat until firm peak.

Spider Cookies

Take some of the royal icing and tint it with black food coloring and some with red food coloring

Start pipe outlining cookies with red tinted royal icing. Then pipe black outline for eyes. Each time, leave these outlines to dry before filling up. Once black outline are dry, pipe white royal icing. Once eyes are dry, then you can pipe red royal icing to fill up the face.

Let dry then pipe black royal icing for the webs.

Let cookies completely dry before wrapping them in individual plastic and tie nicely with ribbons.

Snacks on Table

Nothing too fancy. Beside the bagged homemade cookies, we purchased bags of chips and bags of candies, easy peasy to carry from the house, to car, and to party room. Just unbag them and place them into plates or bowl or anything you can think of that won't take so much space in the car or heavy to carry.

We used containers on the picture which we gotten from Staples (but they are also available at Dollar store).

I made some pairing cardboard cut out. In between the pairs, I glued skewers and wrote some comic words of zap bang pow.

These cut out then were inserted on the holes of the containers, to stand up, as shown.

Spiderman Cake

You will need:

Styrofoam head (or you can use cake as well, but that would require carving skill — and I don't have that skill;-)

Cake and cream of your choice


Food color

Pastry brush

Shave the nose of the styrofoam (as Spiderman doesn't really show nose). Brush lightly with shortening, then cover with fondant. Paint it with red liquid food coloring (or gel is fine but dillute it a little with clear vodka). Let it dry.

Color fondant with black food coloring, shape into long ropes. Attach these ropes to the head, by dabbing with little water all over.

Cut out spiderman eyes using white fondant, attach, and it's ready for the cake!

To make the body, you will need main cake, and another cake for shoulder. 2 stack, 4 layers for main. 1 stack, 2 layers for shoulder. For the shoulder, once the 2 layers stacked, Halve them. From one half, slice into half again. Reserve the other half for cake pops! Now this would make uneven shoulder from the body area though, so if you want the shoulder to be even, you have to also make 2 stack, 4 layers cake to have the same width OR you can also still make 1 stack of 2 layers, then carve main body to even out the height.

Coat the whole with buttercream, cover in fondant, paint red then decorate with black fondant rope.

Take out some black fondant and shape into spider and attach on the center of the chest/body.

To attach the styrofoam head, insert some dowels into head and push head to the cake.

Your cake is ready:)

Goodie Bags

I used brown lunch bag with superheros stickers glued on them. Inside the bag there are toys, candies and spiderman cookies.

I also made comic words cookies with the same recipe. Bagged and tied them.

Roll down the bags, and stapler the plastic part of the cookies to the bag.


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