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Faux Metal Bridal Tiara

Here's a bridal tiara you can make in a day and it will look gorgeous for your wedding day.

How to avoid a kitschy look? Polished wire and fake crystals are the key. I'm going for the minimalist look.

Also included are tips for making faux metal decorations for your tiara.

Watch the movie tutorial

Things You Need

Fine florist's wire
Aluminium wire
Wire cutters
Long-nosed pliers
Steel wool
Paper Clay / Cold porcelain clay
Foil sticky tape ( double sided sticky-tape and silver or gold aluminium foil food wrap can also be used)
Clay Shape Cutters

Polish the aluminium wire with steel wool or wet dry sand paper to give a sparkling silver finish.

Play With Your Design

Arrange beads in different ways until you are happy with the design. A triangular shape is usually pleasing.

New Tip: Making Faux Metal Jewellry

I accidentally came up with this idea while making this tiara instructable. I wanted to make metal flowers for this tiara and thought of combining the new air-dry clay with metal tape. The results was a quite convincing metallic flower. I used the air dry clay recipe minus the paper for a smoother finish.

  1. 1. First, I modeled the flowers. Knead the air-dry paper clay thoroughly making sure there are not lumps. Cut the desired shape with clay shape cutters.
  2. Let dry in sun. It should take around an hour to dry thoroughly.
  3. Then stuck the metal tape on the back of the flower first. Trim the excess. The stuck the metal tape on the front of the flower.
  4. I used a knitted needle to then thoroughly smooth all the tape into the molded clay flower. Eventually all the joins in the tape merged together and were not visible.

Wiring Pearls and Gems

I tested out which beads would best match together and first tried out pearls.

Later, I decided that crystals look better together.

I cut a bit of aluminum wire for the head band. Wired up the beads to the headband using very fine silver wire..

Now covered the head band with gold ribbon and stitched the ends firmly in place.

Then I glued a bottom row of brown crystal beads along the base of the head band for a neater finish.

Attach to Veil

Loop the ends of the tiara with long nosed pliers. to attach your veil to it.

More tiara examples to come!

The faux metal tiara's movie tutorial:

Tips N' Tricks

If you wish to glue gems to aluminium wire it may slip off.

I wrapped the wire spirals with metallic tape and also to the back of the gems. It glued together better. Metallic tape is shiny on both sides but sticky on the inside. This is useful because the craft glue I used was removing the backing on some of the gems and showing cracks through the other side.

You may wish to take a look at my video instructable for more crafty faux metal ideas using sticky tape and aluminium foil .


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