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Hershey's Kiss Daisy

Hershey's kiss Daisy made with crepe paper

Step 1 Collect Your Supplies

what you will need.
hot glue gun.
2 different colors of crepe paper.
Hershey's Kiss of course.
glue sticks.
wire cutters

Step 2 Preparing the Center

Step 2 grab one of the Hershey Kisses that you haven't eaten yet and a piece of tulle. cut a piece of tulle big enough to cover the Hershey's kiss and to be able to twist it at the bottom like in the pictures.

Step 3 Preparing the Stem

okay in this step you need your wire and your wire cutters. cut a piece of wire to your liking for the length of your stem. grab your Hershey Kiss wrapped in tulle and hot glue it to the bottom of the wire without melting the Hershey's kiss if possible. then snip off the remaining tulle.

Step 4 Preparing the Petals

alright. .. we are ready to proceed. now we will need the color of paper we will use for our pedals and a pair of scissors. cut a piece of paper around 12 inches long or to your liking. start wrapping your Hershey's kiss. keep rapping until you get to the other end and then put a dab of hot glue to close it off. leave a space at the bottom of the Hershey's kiss to be able to pinch off the paper and glue it to the wire as shown in the photos.

Step 5 Let's Finish the Stem

in this step you will need the flower you are preparing, floral tape and scissors. cut a piece of floral tape long enough to cover your wire. rap the wire starting from the base of the flower. if help is needed put a dab of hot glue to start it off. wrap the wire with the floral tape all the way to the end of The Wire.

Step 6 Making the Petals

in this step you will need the flower that you are preparing and scissors. starting on the outer layer of paper you will start to cut slits. start on the outer layer cutting slits all the way around. making your way around all the layers of paper. it's difficult you can also cut through all the layers of paper at the same time going around in a circle your flower should look like the one in the picture.

Step 7 Finishing Our Flower

in this step you would need the flower you are preparing in a piece of green crepe paper. take your green crepe paper and folded the long way and cut a leaf shape. then stretch the center of the leaf to give it an arc shape. grab a piece of floral tape and choose the spot on the stem where you would like to connect the leaf. rap the floral tape around so that the leaf is secure

That Is It You Are All Done

that is it you are all done hope you enjoy it. more tutorials to come soon. follow me on YouTube (VirgenMade) have a blessed day.


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