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DVD Sleves

Hope you get the fun out of this has much has I did.

Dvd Sleeves

how many have DVDS that look liken this or even CDs like this and have kids you want to make a project with.what you need is paper or construction paper or card stock to make the DVD sleeves. why would I do this because you buy DVDS or CDS without coves or DVD jewel cases. and I found out how to make it after a few trying I figured out what size to make it. so I will show you the first one I made in the photo.

Tools You Will Need

What I used was a pencil, ruler. Paper, scissors or a box cutter. Why a ruler for a straight edge and measuring. Also don't forget the glue but don't use hot glue that is not what will work at all.

Measuring the Paper

You got your paper you wanted to use. Now you have to measure the length and width to make the DVD or CD sleeve. I measured at 14cm for the bottom to make the fold to 14cm again which all together be 26cm.

Now Folding

I would make a straight line at the 26cm make. To know what I should fold too. I made the fold using whatevet I had on hand. What I choice was the back of a sharpie maker why because it worked for me

Time to Cut

After I did that I measured again at 14cm to make a cut. I made a straight line with the ruler to make a straight cut with the scissors. Make the like the length way at 14cm of you look at the pictures you should have a made the cut with a small piece of paper. Also have the DVD or CD sleeve.

Now to Glue or Not to Glue

Now it's time to glue the paper you made the sleeve for your DVD or CD. Since it's 14 cm long and tall. You will need to glue like half a cm on both sides. I put glue in one side of the paper the back side I will show you in pictures. After you glued the paper get a DVD or CD to make sure you have the right size to fit in the sleeve

Now to Finish Up

Now the glue has to dry. But if you use a glue stick it should be dry lime in a minute. But check it to make sure it's glued together the paper. Then I bend a flap I showed you in the picture here. You can just write in the DVD or CD sleeve what in it. But if you lie to draw a picture you can do that too. Get the kids to help you make this neat little project and they can glue and cut if you do the measurements to make this one. I had fun making this and you will too.


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