From DIY home decor to handmade gifts, here are the best arts and crafts to spark your creativity

Funky Flower Top Pens

I have made these flower topped pens for years... no wait... decades (yikes)! This particular flower pen was a party favor for a Mad Hatter themed tea party, hence the googly eyes and the word FUNKY in the title!

They are SO easy, I only have 2 pictures for the step by step. This is a breif overview. The backstory, plus more detailed instructions, plus a matching notepad, plus other fun Alice in Wonderland party decorations can be found at my blog, Liddy B and ME!

Glue Flower to End of Pen

Sorry no picture. Imagine a pen with out a flower on top of it..... now imagine a flower on top of it!

For more detailed directions, go to my blog, Liddy B and ME!

Wrap the Pen With Green Florist Tape

Once the whole pen is wrapped, you are done! The florist tape is sticky, so just overlap it a little on each wraping and finish by wrapping back over an area that already has the tape on it. Tear the tape to separate.

More details over at my blog, Liddy B and Me!


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