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2 Ingrediants, Water, Laundry Soap in 1 Hour or Less

Several years ago I began making my own laundry soap. My sister shared her experience with me while I was visiting her. She has always been a loyal customer of Tide products. She told me this was comparable to Tide. I was sold on it after seeing for myself how simple it was to make and how well it cleaned the laundry. The laundry smelled nice also. After I returned home I began making it for myself. I experienced the same results having hard water in my area. I have limited the impact on the environment as well as the resources by making my own. Here is the method and recipe that we have been using with great success. The really good news about this soap is it cost just pennies to make. Zote soap comes in different scents as well as unscented for those of you who have allergies. This recipe can be used in front load washers by reading my instructions in the tutorial.

  • 1 Box of Super Washing Soda approximately $5.00.
  • Consider you only need 1 cup to make 3 gallons of soap.
  • 2 Bars of Zote soap approximately $1.00 each.
  • These figures are based on calculations I did a couple of years ago.
  • Prices have really gone up, so I don't know how much it would cost on today's market.
  • I bought mine online and bought a lot that I am still using up because I live in a small town and stores here don't have the Washing Soda.

Ingredients and Tools


  • 1 Box Super Washing Soda.
  • 2 Bars of grated Zote bar soap.
  • 3 Gallons hot water.


  • 1 Plastic milk jug.
  • 1 Five Gallon bucket with lid.
  • 1 Cheese grater.
  • 1 ladle.
  • 1 Slotted long handled spoon.
  • 1 Long handled whisk.
  • 1 Cup measuring cup.
  • 1 large pan.
  • 1 Plate.

Please Note: Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda is not baking soda. It is a washing soda. There is a difference. This product can be difficult to find in certain rural areas.

If you go to the Arm & Hammer website they have a zip code search where you can buy the Washing Soda. Here is the link: .

I have found Super Washing Soda at:
Albertsons, Hardware stores, Brookshire's, and in some Walmart stores.

Zote soap I have found at Big lots, Lawrence Brother's Market, Walmart, and Farmer's Market in my area.

A product search online will prove beneficial.

Grate Zote Soap

Using the cheese grater:

  • Place a plate on the table or counter.
  • Place the cheese grater on the plate.
  • Grate 2 bars of Zote soap into shredded pieces.
  • Set aside until later.

Please note: Sometimes when you buy the Zote it is dry and powdery when you grate it. This is OK. If it is fresh it looks more like carrots that have been grated.

Pour Water Into Bucket

Pour water into bucket:

  • Pour 2 1/2 Gallons of hot water into the bucket, reserving 1/2 gallon to heat on the stove top.
  • Add 1 cup of the Super Washing Soda into the hot water and sir until dissolved.

Heat Water

Heat Water:

  • Heat about 1/2 gallon of the reserved hot water on the stove until steamy. Not boiling!
  • Turn off the heat.
  • Slowly pour and stir with the whisk (or slotted spoon) the shredded soap until completely dissolved.
  • Using the ladle, or slotted spoon "scoop up the liquid to see if it has dissolved completely."
  • After the Zote soap has dissolved completely pour the contents into the bucket of water/soda mixture and stir thoroughly.

It is important to slowly add the soap and stir because if you don't you will get clumps that are difficult to dissolve.

Stir Occasionally

For the first 15 minutes stir occasionally, doing this makes a smoother batch.

The soap gels up like a very soft jello.

Sometimes it takes several hours to set and then sometimes within an hour. I have no idea why. If by chance it does not set up, don't worry you may still use it. It will just be a little watery and maybe a little messy to put in the washer. I usually use a long handled ladle.

Washing With Soap

Here are the instructions for washing in a front load washer with this laundry soap:

  • Place dirty laundry into the washer tub.
  • Add a few tablespoons of the soap in with the clothes. This part you will need to experiment with. It is best to start with a small amount because these washers use much less soap.
  • I live in an area with extremely hard water so I have to use 1/2 cup to get my clothes clean.
  • This soap has low suds so you should not have an issue with it unless you use a whole lot of soap.
  • If the clothes don't seem to come clean add more soap to the next load until you can figure out how much is needed.
  • For top load washers use 1 cup as you would use regular laundry soap.

Final Results

The results are very good. I can't actually show you but this is a very good soap. In my opinion it is comparable to Tide and waaaay better than the cheap stuff, which have fillers that appear like your getting value.

I had recently purchased some laundry soap at Sam's because I had not been feeling well. After using the off brand because I did not like the Tide they offer at Sam's, my husband noticed the difference in his clothes and asked me not to buy that again. I asked him why and he said it did not make his clothes feel soft. So what does that say about this recipe?

Laundry Tips

If you have a front loader washer and are unhappy with wrinkled jeans change the rinse cycle to medium spin and it should make a difference.

Add vinegar to the rinse cycle for a fabric softener.

Peroxide is a good alternative to spot remover, it also removes blood.

Another way to help reduce resources is to line dry your clothes. I am very excited because as soon as we get our lawn in I will have a clothes line. I remember the days when my job was to hang up the laundry. This was a pleasant chore for me because I loved the fresh smell of the laundry, especially the sheets when I carried them in. I also appreciated the fresh outdoor smell of the sheets when I crawled into bed.

Did you know that by line drying your laundry it saves the wear on your clothes? Yes, it is true. It is not the washer that breaks down the fibers, it is drying them in the dryer.

Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

America has changed its buying habits. People are concerned about our environment and they should be. They are educated about the impact that chemicals have on the environment and our bodies. This recipe offers a solution to some of these concerns.

My husband is a cowboy at heart. He was raised on a ranch and is a tough kind of guy. I had to chuckle because over the years I have tried to sneak buying a less expensive brand of laundry soap instead of Tide. He itches every time I changed. I was so delighted that this recipe did not make him itch.

This recipe also offers a great value! Just think 3 gallons of laundry soap for about $3.00! That is value when you consider it cleans well.

Here is some additional information I found about these products for those who do not live in the US or who wish to know the contents of these products:

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them for you. Meanwhile you have a splendorous day!


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